Begins 0.7.1 released

I released version 0.7 and 0.7.1 of Begins this week. 0.7.1 was a bug fix release for an issue discovered shortly after releasing 0.7. A number of significant features were delivered in 0.7, including:

These new features enable writing a simple Flask web applications like:

import begin
from twoslug import app

def main(host='', port=8000, debug=False):, port=port, debug=debug)

Begins both ensures that the correct, expected, types are passed to the main function as well as presenting debug as a command line flag rather than an option argument. The help output for the application is:

usage: [--help] [--host HOST] [--port PORT] [--debug]

optional arguments:
  --help                show this help message and exit
  --host HOST, -h HOST  (default:
  --port PORT, -p PORT  (default: 8000)
  --debug, -d           (default: False)

This is the actual development server I have been using while developing TwoSlug.

Begins really should have had a beta release by now. (It's currently still in alpha). The only thing preventing a beta is the lack of proper documentation hosted on Read The Docs. My intention is to focus solely on documentation for the upcoming 0.8 release, which will be the first beta. That's my intention anyway, the strength of my convictions remains to be seen.