My only advice to soon to be fathers

A number of my friends have announced that they will soon become fathers for the first time. I'm extremely excited for them, as are they. Already being a dad I try hard to share my experiences of fatherhood, and not just dispense advice. Each child is unique, each family is different. Advice that would work for me isn't necessarily going to work for someone else. That is, except for one solitary piece of advice I do give to all prospective fathers.

Once you have decided on names, write both names (with correct spelling) on a piece of card and keep it in your wallet.

Leading up to the birth of my first daughter, we alternated between 'belle and 'bella. The day of her birth didn't proceed according to our obstetrician's plan. Standing after at the nurses station, my wife in post-operative care, me in possession of a baby and having no idea what to do now. The nurse asked me if we had chosen a name. I said "yes" and proceeded to do my best goldfish impersonation as I suffered a mental blank.

To this day we're not sure if I used the last name we had actually chosen. It doesn't matter today. Still, for any future fathers out there, save yourself a little extra stress on that big day. And congratulations.