Making a command out of shutil

I love the creating that developers show in making unintended use of a tool to solve a problem. It doesn't matter if that use is a "good idea" or not. Regardless of whether it's a "good idea" or not. The ingenuity and problem solving demonstrated is usually quite fascinating. Like this little hack that my friend mjdorma shared with me that uses Begins' sub-commands.

import shutil
import begin


# Patch in doc before the func is wrapped by begin.start
def patch_doc(doc):
    def decorate(func):
        func.__doc__ = doc
        return func
    return decorate

def main():

This little script gives you access to a number of utility functions from Python's shutil module from the command line. Admittedly there are common Unix utilities that provide most of this functionality. But I still felt it was a nifty and entertaining use of functionality I had just written.

After using Begins for a few weeks this type of application has become a common pattern for Begins. Sub-commands excel at creating small administration programs that are a collection of related commands. Even more exciting is that others groups are successfully orchestrating much larger systems using Begins as a framework. Its terrific to know that Begins is meeting its goal of growing with the developer.

You can download this script from Michael's original GitHub Gist.