Rebooting TwoSlug

This week, like last week, I've been revamping an old project and learning some new tools. This time it's been TwoSlug receiving my attention.

TwoSlug is a fun little web tool to generate random two word phrases, or slug lines, using a randomly chosen verb and noun. Words are chosen from Princeton University's WordNet database. It was originally written almost year ago, in a single evening, and hosted on GitHub. Unfortunately it's been limited to a simple, static, HTML page until now.

Aside from the obligatory themeing, I've added two major new features to TwoSlug. The first is an API for requesting your own random slug lines. With an HTTP GET request you can ask for any combination of verbs, nouns, adjectives and adverbs. The API will return you random slug line in JSON format.

The second feature is word definitions using DuckDuckGo's excellent Instant Answer API. Definitions are displayed as pop ups on each word. The words themselves are links to the original definition source. The team at DuckDuckGo are extremely generous to offer their API with very restrictions.

Now, if I can just get ElasticSearch to use TwoSlug to generate a random node name each time a node starts.