reStructuredText Viewer

This week's project was implementing my own reStructuredText Viewer and editor for reStructuredText documents. In the past I have used the Online reStructuredText editor for quickly previewing and editing README files before being publishing on the Python Package Index. While I have been happy with the online editor, it recently had some stability issues. When I tried to deploy my own instance I was surprised to find a dependency on Redis.

Not wanting to deploy an instance of Redis as well as a web application, I decided it was a good opportunity to learn something about docutils. It's the basis for the Sphinx documentation generator, I tool I use regularity. My viewer is a web application built using the Flask web framework. The application acts as a docutils publisher, accepting reStructuredText documents and return rendered HTML. As with other little web applications I've, the viewer is deployed on Heroku. The source code is available from GitHub.

So feel free to give my reStructuredText Viewer a try. But please be kind to the aesthetics, web design is not my strong suite.