I am a senior software developer with the Australian government. With ten years of experience, I'm responsible for providing both technical leadership and mentoring for junior staff. On any given day I may need to develop or maintain software using Python, C, C++, Bash, PHP, Javascript, XML and XSLT. But my specialisation is the delivery of novel, quick reaction capabilities to meet operational needs.

When not at the office or tending to my family with two little girls, I work on my open source projects. The most finished of these are listed on my Projects page. The code for these projects, including other less complete projects, is hosted on my Github site.

You may use my GnuPG public key when contact me by email. It is also available from the PGP public key servers. The key's fingerprint is FD10 EAA0 22E0 B3AF 20AA 1DAC 125F 3653 8C01 DD2E.

Alexandra and Isabella